Dinosaur Mad!!

Dinosaur Mad!!

Over the last few weeks Little Bear has discovered dinosaurs in a big way! He was aware if them before but now he loves them! A couple of weeks ago we went to a farm that had a dinosaur area and I think that’s when the real love began…I mean, there was a pterodactyl flying through the trees, if that doesn’t get the boy excited then nothing will!

At home he already had a good collection of dinosaur toys that we had played with but had been tired of quickly, but no longer do they sit in their box waiting, oh no, they are out 90% of the time at the moment.  And we’ve added dinosaur books to the collection too – Harry and the whole glorious bucketful of them with their tongue-twister names!

The crowning glory of dinosaur play though is the addition of dinosaur food.

All good ideas should be thoroughly thought through

A mixture of dry rice, cous-cous, and lentils makes a delicious feast for a triceratops, and a diplodocus loves nothing more than munching dry spaghetti from the playdough bush.  Little Bear loves it! He feeds them, walks them, puts them to bed…

…and creates a hideous mess that leaves me pondering the “crowning glory”.  Yes, he loves it but cous-cous?? Really?? On carpet?? The clean up operation is not for the faint hearted.

I had dreams that we would play blissfully together, creating stories, and competing to make the loudest dinosaur noises…the reality isn’t far from that, except my dinosaur roar, in the face of the food being tipped over again, is more like the wail of innocent prey being captured by a tyrannosaurus rex!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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