Nothing is a Secret Anymore

Nothing is a Secret Anymore

The other day Little Bear had been really good.  We had had a lovely morning of playing and walking to the library, he was polite and happy, he ate all his lunch, and happily had a nap.  In the afternoon we went to the park and he explored independently, drove the car through the jungle telling me what he could see (lots of crocodiles!), and pointed out all the aeroplanes taking people on holiday.

He then asked to go home because he was cold, bless him.  To be fair, so was I.  A hot chocolate and a Jaffa Cake sounded perfect so I made us a drink each and then we each had a Jaffa Cake (or 2) as well.

Little Bear knows it’s a treat to get hot chocolate at home.  He usually only gets it at nanny and grandad’s house, and Jaffa Cakes are usually his treat from Grumps…but I wanted one and he had been good so, he deserved it!

Anyway, I thought we should keep the Jaffa Cakes a secret from daddy – they don’t really fit in the “Lean in 15” plan.  Little Bear was so excited about his hot chocolate that he couldnt wait to tell daddy, and I heavily emphasised that this was ok but don’t mention the Jaffa Cakes!!!!

Guess what happened?! Daddy walked in and Little Bear shouted out, “Had hot chocolate and Jaffa Caaaaaake!!!!

Oh great, thanks for that! So now any secret treat indulgence will have to be cramed into that hour of nap time along with everything else…anyone for cake?!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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