Ridiculous Toddler Complaints

Ridiculous Toddler Complaints

Over the last few weeks the demands from Little Bear have been getting increasingly ridiculous and increasingly more toddler-like.

Firstly we have the incessant need to see motorbikes.  Ok, so we manage to see one on most journeys but that isn’t enough…”see more motorbikes!!!” Even when we see more than 10, it’s just not enough!

And then there’s the growing list of requirements at breakfast – cereal, toast, fruit, water, special milk…special milk that he doesn’t drink and toast that he very rarely finishes.

Whilst we’re talking about food, next on the list is bananas. Whatever happens, do not break the banana!!  This happened last week after gymnastics.  I was peeling the banana when the unthinkable happened and it broke in half.  Not a problem?  Big problem!  After Little Bear had tried, unsuccessfully, to stick it back together he had a minor meltdown before I convinced him it was actually better because it meant he had two.  And then daddy broke a banana in half and I winced, prepared for the whining, then stared in shock as he fell about laughing…because it’s funny when daddy does it!

Today’s main complaint was that I couldn’t clean a scab off his finger when wiping his hands after dinner.  I know, I’m an appalling excuse for a mother!!

I’m sure there will be plenty more of these complaints to face over the next few years, and whilst frustrating at the time…they’re actually pretty funny!

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