Poo Problems

Poo Problems

Only when you have a small person beside you does it become acceptable, (expected?), to talk about poo and it’s many guises…so here is our current situation.

For a while now Little Bear has been very aware of when he is going and when he has been.  He will either tell us or we would notice him playing with toys whilst squatting, fearful of the consequences of sitting in his own horrendous nappy.

In the last few days though he has upped his game. He tells us when he needs a poo, then does his deed, and then wants it tipped down the toilet for him to flush away…delightful! But he’s making the connection and showing an interest so we’re just going with it.

The problem is that, as soon as he has been, he wants a clean nappy…ok, don’t blame him. But if he hasn’t finished, he then goes again…straight away!! And then wants to sit on the toilet or potty.  It’s just a very long winded process at the moment, and obviously he chooses to do this at the busiest time of day…early morning, so coinciding with washing up, laundry, showering, dressing, etc!  The issue is that he knows what the potty/toilet us for but won’t use it, but at the same time is increasingly uncomfortable about using his nappy…you’ve got to go somewhere Little Bear!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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