It’s Finally April…

It’s Finally April…

…And it’s nearly holiday time!  We mentioned to Little Bear back in February that we were going to Gran Canaria, just a passing comment but he clung onto it and has asked about it nearly every day since!

I never dreamt that I would have to be so careful about what I said around him before he even hit 2…most two year olds can’t say Gran Canaria, let alone remember that it’s somewhere we are going on holiday, who we are going with, and that we will “have breakfast on aeroplane” – his own assumption, albeit a correct one!

From the first of the month we have been putting a sticker on our “Holiday Countdown” chart which he loves…and also gets me quite excited as a see the little boxes filling up with smiley faces!

We’ve also got a month of birthdays to get through, as well as getting ready for Little Bear’s second birthday the week we get back from holiday.  It all starts with mine this week and then doesnt stop until we celebrate daddy’s while we’re away.  Little Bear loves singing “Happy Birthday” though, so at least he will get lots of opportunities in the next few weeks.

Singing in general seems to be his thing at the moment.  Everyday he seems to be singing something new – “Down in the Jungle”, “The Grand Old Duke of York”, and “Baa Baa Black Sheep” seem to be particular favourites, with a verse of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” thrown in every now and then!  It’s lovely listening to him singing in his little voice, and great to have some respite from singing them myself!!

He’s also getting very independent with play.  He loves using his people to create stories with.  They get walked around the garage or the sofa, get put to bed under a blanket, go to the shops, and do all the things that I do with Little Bear.  It’s so cute listening to him, if not a little disconcerting when you hear yourself in the phrases he uses!

I guess these are all signs of him growing up…increased memory, language skills, imaginative play – not long until he’s 2!  But that’s another month, let’s just focus on my birthday and holiday first!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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