How Birthdays Change!

How Birthdays Change!

Until Little Bear arrived, my birthday was all about one person…me!  Not so anymore, now it’s a little bit about me but more about having a good day that Little Bear will enjoy as well.  Last year was soft play followed by lunch, this year was a grand day out to Paradise Park.

I really had no idea what to expect.  This place is a garden centre/planet earth museum/miniature gardens/dinosaur exhibit/outdoor play area/soft play…surely with so much going on, it couldn’t all be good.  And it wasn’t.  It was great! The whole place was well thought out, well maintained, and good fun!

The museum was also home to the dinosaurs.  These were true to size, and interactive – Little Bear loved making them roar.  We didn’t spend long in the gardens as the weather wasn’t great, but as it was dry we managed to gave a good play on the slide and climbing frame before lunch.  After lunch we took Little Bear on the train ride, it was his first experience of anything like that and he sat in his own seat, holding on, and laughing with excitement!


We then visited the dinosaurs, caveman, and astronaut again…waving hello and goodbye to each one as we went.


Finally we braved the softplay which was carnage.  By now it was raining and everyone was indoors, add to that school holiday crowds and you can imagine how crazy it was.  But Little Bear loved it regardless and dragged nanny off to explore.

It wasn’t the way I would usually spend my birthday but seeing Little Bear have such a good time really made my day…as did the champagne at the end of it!!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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