It’s gro clock time!

It’s gro clock time!

So as many of you who have been following this blog will know, Little Bear is something of an early riser…always has been, probably always will be.  Reduced nap times, no nap times…neither of these seem to do the trick for more than a few days, and then we’re back to 5.30 or earlier.  And he’s grumpy.  6 o’clock is fine, it gives us family time before daddy goes to work and when Little Bear gets up at this time he is much happier and far more willing to play on his own whilst I’m getting on with bits.

We’ve debated a gro clock for a while and last week I just bit the bullet and bought one.  Last night was the first chance we had to use it.

Little Bear loves clocks so it was a hit straight away.  We explained that the stars meant night time and then when he sees the sun, he can get up and come into our bedroom.  He seemed to grasp the idea straightaway and told us what he needed to do several times.

We went to bed almost hoping he would wake before 6am, just so we could see what he would do.  At 5.30am he cried out and we heard him getting out of bed.  Daddy went in, reminded him about the clock, and came out.

It went quiet.

Then he chatted to himself.

Then it went quiet again.

At 6.03am he trotted in with a massive grin on his face and took me to see the clock.  “It’s orange, the sun is up!”, he cried, and sure enough it was.  On morning number one he cracked the idea, settled himself for an extra half an hour, and then almost burst with pride at his own achievement.

I don’t doubt that this isn’t the final fix, I know there will be early mornings, but it seems more manageable now.  We have something that he understands, a constant visual cue…amazing!  How late can I stretch him?!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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