My Little Helper

My Little Helper

This afternoon Little Bear was a superstar.  After his first trip to the dentist (not as traumatic as anticipated) we arrived home and sat down to play.  We made a Duplo house with connecting tower for the dog to stand on, and then everyone else – 4 Duplo men, 4 Happyland characters, the Fat Controller, and the entire cast of Ben and Holly – was put inside.  Once this was done my role was redundant and he carried on playing happily by himself.  I had a few games to make for him to take on holiday so thought I would try to make a start, expecting to get 10-15 minutes at the most…2 hours later it was dinner time and we had had a wonderful afternoon.

I started cutting things out and letting the paper fly to the floor.  Little Bear spotted this and found it hilarious.  He started trying to catch the paper and then picked it up for me and put it all in the bin, asking for more and telling me he was being helpful.

Then I needed to laminate which he couldn’t help with but he saw the little dinosaurs I had cut out, sat up at the table, and began to play with them, pretending to give them a drink from his cup.

My last job was sticking the dinosaurs onto card.  He usually hates glue but he sat on my lap and helped to squeeze it out and push the dinosaurs down…he loved it.

When he wasn’t helping he watched or played independently, we chatted, and we sang.  We were always together but sometimes doing our own things.  I love that he helped make some of his own games, homemade is always special but his helping hand has just made it so much more worthwhile.

If he’s still feeling helpful tomorrow, I might give him a duster!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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