Toddler Colds

Toddler Colds

Is there no end???

Last week Little Bear had a temperature on and off for about 4 days, and a bit of a runny nose.  Some days it was a temperature in the morning but fine in the afternoon, other days it was the reverse.  I hate it when he has a temperature, not because I don’t want him to feel ill, although that’s obviously part of it, but because it means he needs medicine and that is one of the most stressful experiences…I had hoped he would get better with age but no, still a hater – unless grandad does it, for grandad we just open our mouth and take down it quicker than a birthday girl downs her sambucca (hypothetically speaking, this in no way represents my own experience)!

Anyway, this week the temperature has gone but I’m left with the aftermath.  The constant sneezing!  How do small children produce so much of the yucky stuff??  I mean, it’s endless!  A good sneeze produces enough snot to reach the floor, and every journey is taking twice as long because of all the nose wiping…it’s relentless!!! If I hear myself say, “let’s get your nose” one more time then I might have a nervous breakdown, and I’m fairly sure Little Bear is beginning to feel the same.

And now the cold is attacking the whole family just in time for holiday.  I think they might issue us with masks during boarding, “Welcome aboard healthy family, we hope you have a nice flight”, then put us right at the back of the plane and neglect us until landing!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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