Home Again

Home Again

After a brilliant week away in Gran Canaria we are now back to the cold and grey reality of home!

Little Bear had a brilliant week and has grown up so much.  His favourite game, other than throwing toys in the swimming pool, was shopping.  He would ride his scuttlebug round the villa and back to the garden, give us whatever he had bought, wait for his money, and then disappear off again.  We generally got bananas, carrots, etc which we were able to price fairly realistically, however we were left flumoxed when presented with a cat, a chimpanzee, and a parachute!

At the beach he was great fun…and tiring! He loved building sand castles, throwing stones in the sea, and trying to side step daddy to throw himself into the water!  But his favourite part was washing his feet in the shower at the end!!

We managed to eat out a few evenings with him which was nice, we just made sure we had plenty of toys and let him nap for as long as he wanted during the day.  As his dinosaurs are still a firm favourite they came with us everywhere – waiters played with them, positioned them for photos, and gave them drinks, and another little boy came to play with them and added his own to the collection.

And now we’re home the next big event is Little Bear’s 2nd birthday on Friday…and he’s just a little bit excited!!


The Day Dreaming Mummy


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