Are you…

Are you…

At the moment, Little Bear is very clear about what he is and what he isn’t.  Some of his responses when we ask “Are you” questions are just too cute!

Today, daddy picked him up and said, “You’re getting so big!  Are you a giant?”
Little Bear looked at him, big eyes and serious face, “I’m not a giant, I’m a boy!”

And if we ask if he’s gorgeous, perfect, hadsome…any of the amazing things he is, he responds with “I’m not, I’m just cheeky.”  He’s right of course, he usually is!

Sometime he doesn’t add his own alternative, for instance, “Are you tired?”, is usually just followed by a very determined “I’m not!”

The boy certainly knows his own mind and won’t let anyone tell him what he is…I like this streak, and hopefully it’s a sign of the strong person he will become.

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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