“Vamilla please”

“Vamilla please”

On Sunday we went for a big family meal which was lovely.  Little Bear stole the bread from my charcuterie plate and then devoured most of his turkey roast…even more impressive when you consider he ate this at about 3 in the afternoon having already had a whole bagel for lunch.

When we eat out, he knows that, generally, he will have ice cream after.  When the lady came to take our order his cousin ordered his ice cream first, followed by a few others, and then Little Bear piped up, “Vamilla pleeease!”…we hadn’t even prompted him, he just took his cue from everyone else!

Vanilla? Vamilla? Who cares, it's good whatever you call ot!

So the ice cream came, he ate it all, and we came home.  I thought nothing more of it until yesterday afternoon when he came running in from his bedroom with a pad and pencil.

He stood in front of me and asked what I would like. It took me a while to realise that he was playing waiter and wanted to take my order.  I asked for a chicken stir fry (first thing I thought of, weird?) and he ordered himself vamilla ice cream, obviously!  He wrote it down on his pad, went to the kitchen, made our order, then brought it back and we ate it.

This game lasted for about half an hour and with all the food I ordered I should have been stuffed, good job Little Bear was stealing from my plate…oh, and it was all imaginary so, calorie free!!


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