Two years ago today…

Two years ago today…

It was a sunny Bank Holiday Monday and we had plans to go to Arundel for a walk and a pub lunch.  Little Bear however had other ideas.

This time 2 years ago I was in labour and we spent the day pacing around, listening to music, timing contractions, and bouncing on a ball!

This time last year was the day before his 1st birthday and he was full of an awful cold, and I was wondering weather our birthday plans if a day out would be ruined.

This year I’m feeling fairly calm and organised.  Thankfully there’s no party planning this year due to a busy schedule so we’re just having a play at the park with friends…although he has requested a Thomas cake so I should probably do that!  Oh and write his card that I only remembered to buy a few hours ago…bad mummy!!

Little Bear is far from calm, he is so knowing and so aware that tomorrow is his special day.  He went to sleep saying “have cake and candles tomorrow”, and “I’m nearly two”, and finally, singing himself Happy Birthday!!


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