2nd Birthday Shenanigans!

2nd Birthday Shenanigans!

It’s over and we survived…the 3 day celebrations of Little Bear’s second birthday.

We started with presents on Friday morning.  This was a very slow moving part of the celebrations – rip the corner of the paper, “oh what is it?”, rip another bit, “oooh”, rip another bit, “oooh it’s a book/puzzle/game/etc”, 10 more rips and the present is out, “read/play/open/do it”…or how about we move onto the next present because daddy does actually have to go to work again sometime before next month!!!

But he loved it, and was excited, and I would much rather that then total disinterest and complacency, which is kind of what I expected from a two year old.  We then spent the morning at the park with a whole bunch of friends which he loved, and we had a Thomas cake so that made him even happier.

We had the afternoon with in laws which was nice and then had a late night because he wanted to open all hus presents from his friends before going to bed, “Might open 1” turned into actually opening about 20!

Saturday and Sunday were just as crazy with friends visiting, football, family get togethers, cake, a party, more cake, more presents, and all topped off with a bit more cake!!

By Sunday afternoon we were exhausted even if he wasn’t! And there’s not going to be any rest from here on in as he’s constantly asking to go on his scooter and bike now!!


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