“I Want Pants!”

“I Want Pants!”

We’re currently in a tricky place when it comes to all things toilet related.  Little Bear has decided that nappies are for babies, and that he wants to wear pants…sometimes.  This would be wonderful and something to celebrate if it wasn’t for the fact that he won’t use the toilet and is incredibly reluctant to sit on the potty.

We’ve had a potty in the house for a while now, and every now and then he will sit on it.  We had a couple of weeks where every poo was on it jut then it got forgotten about.  But now, ask him to sit on it and you get a mini melt down.  He will only sit on it if you make him snug with a blanket…26 degrees in here yesterday and he’s wrapped in a fluffy blanket!!!

The thing is, he knows when he’s going to wee because he stands still and watches it.  And after an hour of wearing pants in the evening and not weeing, he will jump in the bath, look at you, smile, and wee!!  He’s a monkey!!

Having said all this, we just bought a Potette Plus which can be used as a toilet seat or a travel potty.  I was just looking and Little Bear said he wanted to have it, so we talked about weeing and sitting on the toilet like Mummy and Daddy for about 10 minutes in the middle of Boots before deciding, okay, let’s do it!

We got home and he wanted to try it straight away.  He was so excited about sitting on it, he said he was like us and that he would do his wee wees in the toilet…and he did! After a few minutes of happily sitting he did a wee.

He was so excited and proud of himself!  And so was I!  He went to bed telling me he would do it again when he woke up.  I’m not holding out much hope, and I know there’s a long road ahead, but it’s a start!!

We aren’t in any rush to potty training, we know it will happen when he is ready.  The thing is, Little Bear wants to be ready now even though developmentally he isn’t quite there.  I can’t discourage him though,  I don’t want to tell him he can’t wear pants because he isn’t ready, so I’m just accepting that my washing machine may now be in more frequent use!  Time to embrace the miniature pants and frequent toilet trips!


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