A Bike Crash and a Peppa Pig Party

A Bike Crash and a Peppa Pig Party

Today has been a good day for Little Bear.  It started with football first thing this morning which was outside for the first time.  By all accounts he loved it and told daddy he didn’t want him to do it with him, we’ve had a surge in independence since hitting 2! When he came home he asked to go out on his balance bike, and so we did.

He’s getting very confident on it now and goes much faster than I expected him to.  He stopped when we asked him to, and he stayed to one side if he saw people coming.  But then he got over confident.  He realised that if he went fast enough he could lift his feet in the air and keep going.  This was all very impressive and hilarious to watch until he lost his balance, crashed, and skidded along the floor.  Luckily his helmet took most of the impact and has suffered a few scratches; Little Bear came away with a grazed nose and a fat lip but still keen to ride.  We have always said he needs to wear a helmet and this really did highlight why.

After lunch, sleep, and family cuddles, we went to a party.  They had a children’s entertainer singing songs for the first part and he was brilliant!  The older children found him hilarious, as did the adults, and the younger children were mesmerised (some traumatised) by him.  He made it interactive with instruments, toys, and puppets, and Little Bear got involved…until he spied fairy cakes and then he went on a secret mission to squirrel one away.

There was a special guest at the party too…Peppa Pig!  Little Bear doesn’t really watch it but was excited, in his own muted way, when she arrived.  Whilst the other children were jumping up and down and hugging Peppa, Little Bear was standing back, waving, saying “Hello Peppa”!

For the whole party he probably said about 10 words and barely cracked a smile…but on the way home he was full of excitement as he recapped the whole experience and sang Happy Birthday!

And now it’s all over.  He’s in bed recharging for tomorrow, Daddy is out drinking beer, and I’m settling down with a family sized pack of Galaxy Minstrels and have every intention of eating the lot!


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