Stamp of Approval

Stamp of Approval

Today we went to gymnastics for the first time in just over a month.  Our absence hasn’t been for any reason other than other things just kept happening on Wednesdays, but I think it probably did us both good to have a little break.

Little Bear had a great time today.  We started with the warm up as usual and then played some parachute games which he loved.  He was then let loose and was running, jumping, and swinging his way around the gym.

At the end the children all get together to stamp their sheets and their hands.  They all love this bit!  Usually, Little Bear will do his stamps and then put it back.  Today, he said, “Now mummy’s turn?”, in his high pitched, questioning voice with his head cocked to one side.  Dutifully I presented my hands and had a stamp on each one…high praise indeed, I clearly did something right today!



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