Crafty Spiders

Crafty Spiders

Today we had to wait in for a parcel, one of those really useful ones where they give you a time slot of any time between daybreak and nightfall.  Faced with more hours of dinosaur play I decided to get creative instead…here’s how to make a spider with a 2 year old in 10 easy steps:

1. Ask toddler if they want to do some sticking, and when they say “No”, carry on getting everything ready because you know they will soon change their answer to “Yes”

2. Spend 10 minutes setting everything out and deciding what to make, whilst trying to pick up 1001 sequins which have mysteriously fallen out of the packet -“Oh look mummy, what happened?!”

3. Let toddler run free with pens as he colours in the body of the spider he has asked to make which you have quickly fashioned from a cereal box.

4. Assure toddler that pen on hands is fine and it will wash off in the bath…just like it has every other time in your life so far!!!

5. Bring out the glue! Let toddler apply glue unassisted…

6. Question wisdom of step 5

7. Together choose eyes, nose, mouth, and legs whilst discussing shapes, colours, and size…who said learning can’t be fun??

8. Help toddler to position the parts whilst tangling yourself in sellotape and getting stuck to the spider

9. Admire your work together and sing “Incy Wincy Spider”

10. Clear up and realise that only 10 minutes have passed and get on with dinosaur play!


In all seriousness, it was fun and Little Bear enjoyed it.  A lot of his artwork and play is initiated by him and is increasingly independent so just for a change it was nice to do a little activity together.


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