Grandad Time

Grandad Time

My dad lives a couple of hours away from us and runs a B&B, these two things mean we dont get to see him that often although he tries to get up once a month or so.  When Little Bear was tiny it would take him a while to remember who he was and to warm to him, which was hard for everyone I think.  It seemed like just as he was comfortable and happy with him it was time for my dad to go home.  I know it couldn’t be helped but still, it was frustrating!

But now, and for a fair few visits, he instantly recognises him and will happily cuddle him straight away.  We’ve just had a visit from him, and probably one of the best days out we’ve ever had together.  We went back to Paradise Park which I first visited with Little Bear on my birthday in April.  With the weather looking uncertain and changeable it seemed like a safe bet woth a good mixture of indoor and outdoor activities.

Through the museum Little Bear was excited to show grandad everything he remembered from before – the shark, the dinosaurs, the caveman, and the astronaut…it meant we went round quite quickly but it was good to see how much he still enjoyed it.

Outside, the playground was still a bit wet so we decided that could wait until later and we would go to the indoor play area instead.  Little Bear loved the soft play and was soon whizzing around on his own, waving at us from the top.

After a good play we decided to walk around the gardens which have miniature figures of local historic places.  I thought Little Bear might get a bit bored but true to form he surprised me and had a great time looking at everything and guiding us round the paths, we even stopped to feed the gigantic fish a couple times!  My dad seemed to enjoy this bit as well so I felt I was winning on all fronts!

After lunch we went through the museum again and finally Little Bear got to go on the slide, and then grandad managed to crash a boat and capsize it so we made a swift exit through the gift shop…where Little Bear was spoilt with a dinosaur toy which he cuddled all the way home whilst he slept!


I saw a lot of all my grandparents when I was growing up and have clear memories of time spent with them all, and I just hope Little Bear has the same.


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