Is He Taking The P***

Is He Taking The P***

It’s been noted by myself and my husband that Little Bear seems to have developed the knack of “taking the piss”.

For instance, if he says or does something impressively cute we must, quite frequently say, “Bless him”, because now he will also say this when playing but whilst using the most sarcastic voice I have ever heard from a 2 year old!  He screws up his nose as well, just for added effect.

And today, over lunch, we were talking about his swimming lesson.  I was telling him how good he was, how much he had kicked, and jumped in by himself, and he just looked at me and said, “No mummy, I was lost, I was scared, but a story led me home again”…errrr, excuse me but I was just praising your efforts and your response is to quote Tiddler at me is it?? Thanks Julia Donaldson!

He’s developing such a character, and it’s lovely to see him starting to understand humour…but does it have to be at my expense?!


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