New Mothers…

New Mothers…

I had a friend’s Baby Shower yesterday and it has made me reflect a little on the early days of Little Bear’s life, and the things I wish someone had told me.

Before I had Little Bear I was terrified of how I would look after him, how I would cope, and how I would give him everything he needed.

The first two weeks were filled with feeding worries and everyone felt they were entitled to an opinion.  I had times when I laughed…pumping at 3am, slippery nipple shields, our fridge looking like a milk parlour.  I had times where I cried…insensitive midwifes, unsuccessful feeds, a frustrated baby.  And then there were the times when I just had to get on with it.  Transitioning to bottles was hard, and even harder was when he first had formula, but it was what my baby needed and I just had to accept it and get on with it.  New mothers, don’t fret.  Whatever you want to do is right for you and your baby.  If things don’t go the way you want then cry about it, shout about it, rage about it…but then get your brave face on and do what works.

So many people are too quick to judge or to give unhelpful advice.  My advice is to do what works.  For us, we had early nights for a few weeks, just because we knew we would then get a few hours in before 11 o’clock and then, chances were, we would get at least 6 hours in total by morning.  It may not sound like much, but it’s enough to function!!  But that might not work for everyone, so again, do what is right for you.

Little Bear is 2 now and I still have times when I wonder what I’m doing and if I’m fulfilling his needs, but then I look at him…this gorgeous, funny, clever boy…and I know that I’m doing ok.

And new mummies, you will all be ok too!


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