What? When? Where? Why? Who? How?

What? When? Where? Why? Who? How?


The 6 little words that cause mums to quiver, to sigh in exasperation, to reach for the glass of wine even though it’s barely midday!!

Before I had Little Bear I imagined he would be around 3 when the incessant questioning started, but, true to form he decided to buck the trend and start around his second birthday.  Now he’s nearly 26 months and it’s showing no signs of slowly.

No conversation is safe.  There is no such thing as a passing comment.  Mutterings and whispers are picked up on.

A book that used to take 3 minutes now takes 15…”Where is ‘missing you’?”, “What’s that fox/tree/sausage doing?”…the questions are relentless.

Earlier I remarked that it might rain later.  And so started a 10 minute conversation on when later is, where the rain is, what it would do, why it would be wet, how is would splash, etc etc…and heaven forbid I should give an answer he doesn’t like!

I know it’s him learning, I know it’s because he’s interested, and I know it shows he’s listening…but just once in a while, every now and again, could he just observe and absorb mutely?  I need a break!


One thought on “What? When? Where? Why? Who? How?

  1. Lol I remember this stage so well! I found “Why do you think?” not only meant I didn’t have to construct a meaningful answer that would stop the follow up question, but also got his little brain thinking and problem solving. Our conversations became much richer and enjoyable (for me) and gave him the tools to become a great problem solver!

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