Delicious Dinners

Delicious Dinners

Before having Little Bear I was determined not to have a fussy eater, I wasn’t going to make a different meal for him, and he wasn’t going to live on one favourite meal.

Throughout weaning I made all his food from scratch and gave him different textures and flavours throughout.  By his first Christmas he was eating a full roast and loving it!

Since then he’s had a few weeks here and there when he has attempted fussiness…but we’ve had none of it and he has had to eat it or leave it knowing that there won’t be another option.  I know there are some foods he doesn’t like but we still eat them, and they still go on his plate, and every now and then he will try something again.

The last couple of days he has had Chicken Katsu, and Quinoa with peppers, feta, mushrooms, and spring onions.  They aren’t what some people would call ‘children’s meals’ but to me, a meal is a meal, it doesn’t matter who is eating it.  Yes he has his fair share of fish fingers, and he loves a homemade pizza as well, but I like to eat a wide variety of food and so he will too.

I know mealtimes can be a battle for some people, I know some children are happiest with just a few foods.  And so long as they are healthy, it doesn’t really matter.  But, if you do want your children to eat more variety then here are my tips…

1.  Eat as a family whenever possible.  If they see you eating it, chances are they will try it.  Plus, if you’re busy eating you’ll be less likely to focus on them and give them more time to approach dinner in their own way.
2.  Persist.  We keep putting the same things on Little Bear’s plate, if he ignores them then that’s fine but we show him us eating them and one day, he usually surprises us by trying something unprompted.
3.  Involve them.  I know it leads to more work, I know that their “help” is often the exact opposite but it can be worth it.  If you’re talking about food, getting them to handle different things, etc then fingers crossed, they will be more interested in the end product.
4.  If all else fails, open a tin of beans for them and a bottle of prosecco for you, and by the time you reach the bottom, you wont care!

Happy Eating!


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