Stick Man

Stick Man

On Sunday we went to Bedgebury Pinetum to find Stick Man in the British Summer weather…wind and rain!

Little Bear loves the Stick Man story, he tells it to himself all the time and slips phrases into conversations.  As soon as I knew there was a Stick Man trail near us I knew we had to go!

The car parking cost us £12, pretty steep but not too bad if you take a picnic and make a day of it.  The Stick Man trail pack was an extra £3.50 but had to be cash which we didn’t have, so daddy spent £10 on a stuffed Stick Man and convinced them to give us the pack anyway.  Although next time we probably wouldn’t bother with it.

The trail itself was great – up hills, round the lake, through the trees!  There were signs along the way for Little Bear to spot, and different activity points as well.  We made a nest, built a tower, lay in Stick Man’s bed, made a Stick Man to hang on the family tree, and gave Stick Man a cuddle!

We spent nearly two hours doing it and in better weather we could have easily spent longer, I really recommend it to anyone with a Stick Man enthusiast!  The whole setting was great with lots more to explore…maybe we’ll try Gruffalo orienteering next!  


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