Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts

When I was little, I remember going on treasure hunts set by friends or parents, and being excited at having to follow clues…especially when I got older and my dad set me a treasure hunt challenge to find my birthday money!!  So before having Little Bear I imagined that treasure hunts with him might follow a similar vein…well apparently not.

In this new generation of hunting he is the one who chooses what to hide, usually his most favoured toy of the moment, and it is me who has to seek it out…except, there are no clues.

Our exchanges go something like this:

LB: “Mummy, can you find my pilot?”

Me: “Where did you put him?” (I’d rather just get this over and done with)

LB: “Ummm, I don’t know, maybe my bedroom”

…of I go…………nope, not there…

LB: ” Mummy did you find him?”

Me: “Not yet darling/Angel/sweetness” (barely suppressed growl)

LB: “But I neeeeed him”

Me: “Perhaps he’s gone for a walk, we’ll find him later”

Little Bear then huffs and puffs whilst I try to distract him.  Eventually he decides to stand up and move on…

LB: “Oh look, here he is! Mummy you didn’t look under my bottom!”

Me: there are no words, I’m just rocking in the corner, flabbergasted that my 2 year old has played the same stunt 10 times in 2 days and I haven’t caught on!


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