“I Need Medicine”

“I Need Medicine”

Last night Little Bear went to bed as normal but after a while we could hear him talking so went to investigate.  Little Bear sat up and said, “I feel sick, my tummy hurts, I need medicine” in a voice so weak that it deserved an Oscar.  It was all we could do to suppress our giggles as he gave the performance of his life.

Medicine given, just in case, he went back to bed and quickly fell asleep.  We were both fairly sure he was putting it on, but at 26 months can he really be that cunning?? And he doesn’t even like medicine, so what benefit was it to him?

Earlier in the day there was a particularly unpleasant poo experience during which we said to each other, whilst he was playing away from us, that maybe he had a poorly tummy and hoped he wouldn’t be sick.  Now Little Bear is blessed with a set of ears that don’t miss a thing, so perhaps he was simply repeating what he had heard us say about him…with added drama!  This seems most likely and I’m hoping it is, I’m not ready to be fooled by a 2 year old!


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