Pushing the Boundaries

Pushing the Boundaries

Little Bear is pushing all sorts of boundaries at the moment

He is, generally, very well behaved but he is having moments every now and then when he challenges the boundaries he knows.  He will do something, throw a toy for instance, be told not to and then do it again before saying, “Do we really do that?”, meaning “do we really not do that”.  It’s all a part of learning and he never does anything too bad, and he always learns from it, he will rarely repeat an action he has been told not to do.  He will also return to the event in his head and seek confirmation of what is allowed.  I guess this is where consistency is so important, sending mixed messages will only confuse him.

He is also pushing his own boundaries, his confidence and independence, and his physical skills.  He is increasingly happy to play away from me at groups, he is wanting to do more and more for himself, and the big climbing frames are now desired territory!

At the weekend he went in an ambulance at an open day.  He walked in with 3 children, none of whom he knew, listened to the paramedic and joined in with the demonstrations – a few weeks ago we would have had to go with him.  Again at the weekend he met some of our friends and within minutes was confidently jumping to the in the swimming pool to them and chatting away.  And at the farm yesterday he dismissed me, he wanted to go on the big sack slide all by himself…which was a bit of a relief, it was high and fast, I wasn’t too keen!!

At 2 I imagined he would still be so dependant on me.  I thought he would want me to hold his hand, to talk for him, to encourage him…and whilst it’s sometimes sad how fast he’s growing up, it also makes me incredibly proud of him!


One thought on “Pushing the Boundaries

  1. Ohh I know how you feel – sometimes I think my son is two going on thirteen! He used to be so clingy before and now he’s like “I can do it on my own, mum!” Bittersweet! Hold on to these moments before they become memories..

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