Baby Diary

Baby Diary

When Little Bear was first born I knew the days would fly past and that my memories would be a hazy blur of feeding and changing, and snatched moments of sleep, but I didn’t want to forget them, I didn’t want those first few days to merge together.  And so I kept a diary.

From the start of my labour until Little Bear was about 10 days old I kept quite a detailed record.  After that my days got busier, I was out and about more, and the time just wasn’t there.  Even so, having those first days written down is brilliant.  I love looking back on it and remembering the funny points of labour and soon after – waiting for a contraction to pass so I could join in the conversation about pigeons between my husband and the midwife being one of them, joking about plastic surgery on Little Bear’s nose being another.

I love looking back at how supportive Sam was during those first few days, how equally we shared things, and how quickly we adjusted to parenthood.  It still jars me to read about our struggles with feeding, but it makes me proud how we came through it together, all three of us.  And I love looking back and thinking that I wouldn’t change a thing.

I know it can be hard to find time with a newborn, although they do tend sleep quite a bit, but I would really recommend keeping some form of written record of those first few days.  Some people say you look back and see things through rose tinted glasses, others say you make things sound so much worse than they were, but I know I can look back and see the truth, read the emotions…Relive the beginning of the most wonderful adventure ever taken.


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