After very little discussion we have booked a trip to Disneyland Paris for next April, just before Little Bear turns three so we can avoid paying for him!

Having booked the hotel, planned the journey, and watched endless videos of the rides, we realised that Little Bear knows absolutely nothing about any Disney characters, except Buzz Lightyear!  And so the 8 month education commences…

We have started with Mickey Mouse.  My friend suggested watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, and the result is me singing the “Hotdog” song repeatedly for the last week.  And in the spirit of sharing…Hotdog Song!

Anyway, it has clearly had an impact as he has been pointing out Mickey Mouse wherever he has seen him the last few days…ice cream vans, toys, books, and even on a slide…

So who next??  What Disney character is a “must know”?!  But please, no more songs!

Holiday Time…

Holiday Time…


With just over a week until we head to Spain I’m itching to start packing.  Before having Little Bear I would like to have my suitcase on the spare bed for a couple of weeks before we left, adding stuff as I could, crossing it off the list, then cross reference checking against the master list…I like a list okay? Don’t hold it against me!

But, with Little Bear around, there is no longer a spare bed.  I can no longer devote a whole room to “holiday packing”…and I’m slightly struggling with this!

My list making has gone into overdrive and I think Little Bear is on the verge of disowning me if I ask him again which toys he wants to take on holiday, “lots of them mummy, all of these ones, but not now”.  Fair play, he has 8 more stickers to put on his countdown chart before he can even think about putting toys in a suitcase.

But all this aside, I’m actually really excited about this holiday.  We’ve had more than our fair share since he was born but have rarely, if ever, had much time just the three of us.  He is so understanding now, and he’s so excited as well.  Everyday he asks, “does daddy have work today”, and for two whole weeks the answer will be “No, you have got daddy all day”, and this alone is enough to make my year complete.

He has new holiday toys and books arriving almost daily at the moment courtesy of Amazon (why did they have to invent an app?!?!), he’s got a little wallet with his “ice cream money” in, and he can’t wait to have his own seat on the plane.

This holiday signifies the end of him being a baby for me.  I know he hasn’t been for a long time, I know he’s already far more grown up than a 2 year old should be.  But when we get home, he starts playgroup, he’ll be off on his own, he will be making friends and doing things without me…

So Happy Holidays to us! Two weeks of sun and fun before life starts again!

Too Young for Chores??

Too Young for Chores??

For the last 15 minutes I’ve watched Little Bear “wash up” his toys in the water tray, he even asked for washing up liquid and a tea towel.

He loves to help with the washing – loading, unloading, hanging out, and is also partial to a bit of sweeping.

He helps to put the bins out and loves helping with dinner, and I’m sure he can be trained to put the shopping away!

Is two too young for chores?!?! It would certainly help me out!

Too Grown Up

Too Grown Up

Yesterday we had a great day out at the farm with a big group of friends and Little Bear had a brilliant day.  I also had a great time but I realised that my baby is well and truly a grown up boy!!

He went on two merry-go-round rides by himself, he came down a really high slide, he steered the bumper boats, went on a ride round the woods on his own, rode a horse, danced on stage, and walked down to take part in an animal show whilst I watched on bursting with pride.

But is this confidence the result of nature or nurture?  Before I had Little Bear, I had imagined him being timid and introvert, based purely on how my husband and I both were as young children.  Now, we’re both fairly confident and outgoing, and it’s those traits that Little Bear is showing rather than following in our childhood footsteps.  And whilst he is showing confidence he isn’t bolshy or overly loud, and he definitely still has a quiet and sensitive side!

Either way, whatever his personality, nature or nurture, my baby is well and truly becoming a fully fledged boy! 

Rio Fever!

Rio Fever!

This week I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics and reading a lot about the sexism that some journalists feel is tainting the event.

We’ve had female athletes referred to in terms of their sporting other halves, “the wife of…”, and comments on the attire of female athletes.  Can someone please remind me that this is 2016 where all people, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation, should be treated equally.

I don’t remember the age that I first realised men had dominance in sporting coverage, but once I did it became glaringly obvious. And this isn’t some female rant about equality in sport, it’s more than that, it’s me wanting equality for everyone.

I brought Little Bear into the world in 2014, 28 years after my own entrance, and really, what has changed? Yes there is more coverage of female sports, yes there are a few openly gay competitors, but in the grand scheme of the Olympic Games coverage it still feels a little outdated, a little forced from some media, and still bigoted from others.

I want my Little Bear to be raised in an accepting world, and surely sport has the pedestal to achieve this?  You’ve made progress world…but keep at it!



If you ask Little Bear what he dreamt about he will, at least 90% of the time, say “Goldilocks”.

I’m not sure where this came from or how it started, but the stories he comes out with are great.  Every dream starts the same, “I dreamt about Goldilocks, she went outside and it was raining…”

From here the stories start. So far she has jumped in puddles with her welly boots, tried some porridge (not that original Little Bear), fed porridge to a cat, and thrown a rabbit to the other cat.  And they always end with, “And she was happy.  The end.”

Whether these have any bearing on his real dreams or not is a complete mystery, it may well all be his waking imagination concocting these stories.  Either way, I think it’s pretty cute and makes for a much better story time than some of the books he chooses!

Having trained in childcare I know he’s still young to be coming up with stories of his own, and to have an understanding of story structure.  I know he has really good language skills and that this contributes to his imaginary play.  So, does every child have the capability to understand and develop stories from this age?  Is it just a case of unlocking the language to allow it?

I’m not sure of the answer, or even how you could test it. But does it even matter?  Every child develops in their own way and in their own time.  And whatever age they begin telling stories and adding narrative to their play it will be magical, absorbing, and, above all, hilarious!