Tents and Tunnels

Tents and Tunnels

Little Bear is loving tents and tunnels at the moment, and they really seem to be enhancing his imaginative play.

Yesterday he was having a great time with daddy just laying in the tunnel with a handful of PlayMobil men.  They were going on a journey and Little Bear led the whole narrative.  The tunnel was a rocket, they zoomed past stars and asteroids, and landed on “Sprags”.  On Sprags everyone rides motorbikes and it’s very windy.  It may not be much detail but I’m pretty impressed that he has the imagination to create his own planet!!  He later told me there were also lots of cranes on Sprags building houses for all the children.

The only problem with this play is that you usually have to do it with him inside equipment made for children.  Cramped isn’t even the word, it’s a skill to sit comfortably in the tent, and as for the heat…well they both turn into saunas after a couple of minutes of breathing the same air!

I find myself sending him on missions to collect more people just so I can take a gulp of fresh air before being squeezed back inside.  And then at bath time I regret this decision as tidy up time takes twice as long!

And now he’s decided that sleep is for wimps so back to it, into the tent I go! 


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