Too Grown Up

Too Grown Up

Yesterday we had a great day out at the farm with a big group of friends and Little Bear had a brilliant day.  I also had a great time but I realised that my baby is well and truly a grown up boy!!

He went on two merry-go-round rides by himself, he came down a really high slide, he steered the bumper boats, went on a ride round the woods on his own, rode a horse, danced on stage, and walked down to take part in an animal show whilst I watched on bursting with pride.

But is this confidence the result of nature or nurture?  Before I had Little Bear, I had imagined him being timid and introvert, based purely on how my husband and I both were as young children.  Now, we’re both fairly confident and outgoing, and it’s those traits that Little Bear is showing rather than following in our childhood footsteps.  And whilst he is showing confidence he isn’t bolshy or overly loud, and he definitely still has a quiet and sensitive side!

Either way, whatever his personality, nature or nurture, my baby is well and truly becoming a fully fledged boy! 


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