Too Young for Chores??

Too Young for Chores??

For the last 15 minutes I’ve watched Little Bear “wash up” his toys in the water tray, he even asked for washing up liquid and a tea towel.

He loves to help with the washing – loading, unloading, hanging out, and is also partial to a bit of sweeping.

He helps to put the bins out and loves helping with dinner, and I’m sure he can be trained to put the shopping away!

Is two too young for chores?!?! It would certainly help me out!


3 thoughts on “Too Young for Chores??

  1. I don’t think so! My daughter has been helping me out since she was 1. Their (I have 2 kids, my son is soon-to-be 1-year old) diapers are delivered every month so she helps me put them out of the box and in the shelves. She also enjoys putting their dirty clothes to the laundry bin. Sometimes she would ask me for a paper towel and then she’ll just go and wipe whatever surface she could reach (kids table, TV stand, glass door, their shoes, etc.). I honestly think as long as she enjoys it, just let her.

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