Holiday Time…

Holiday Time…


With just over a week until we head to Spain I’m itching to start packing.  Before having Little Bear I would like to have my suitcase on the spare bed for a couple of weeks before we left, adding stuff as I could, crossing it off the list, then cross reference checking against the master list…I like a list okay? Don’t hold it against me!

But, with Little Bear around, there is no longer a spare bed.  I can no longer devote a whole room to “holiday packing”…and I’m slightly struggling with this!

My list making has gone into overdrive and I think Little Bear is on the verge of disowning me if I ask him again which toys he wants to take on holiday, “lots of them mummy, all of these ones, but not now”.  Fair play, he has 8 more stickers to put on his countdown chart before he can even think about putting toys in a suitcase.

But all this aside, I’m actually really excited about this holiday.  We’ve had more than our fair share since he was born but have rarely, if ever, had much time just the three of us.  He is so understanding now, and he’s so excited as well.  Everyday he asks, “does daddy have work today”, and for two whole weeks the answer will be “No, you have got daddy all day”, and this alone is enough to make my year complete.

He has new holiday toys and books arriving almost daily at the moment courtesy of Amazon (why did they have to invent an app?!?!), he’s got a little wallet with his “ice cream money” in, and he can’t wait to have his own seat on the plane.

This holiday signifies the end of him being a baby for me.  I know he hasn’t been for a long time, I know he’s already far more grown up than a 2 year old should be.  But when we get home, he starts playgroup, he’ll be off on his own, he will be making friends and doing things without me…

So Happy Holidays to us! Two weeks of sun and fun before life starts again!


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