After very little discussion we have booked a trip to Disneyland Paris for next April, just before Little Bear turns three so we can avoid paying for him!

Having booked the hotel, planned the journey, and watched endless videos of the rides, we realised that Little Bear knows absolutely nothing about any Disney characters, except Buzz Lightyear!  And so the 8 month education commences…

We have started with Mickey Mouse.  My friend suggested watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, and the result is me singing the “Hotdog” song repeatedly for the last week.  And in the spirit of sharing…Hotdog Song!

Anyway, it has clearly had an impact as he has been pointing out Mickey Mouse wherever he has seen him the last few days…ice cream vans, toys, books, and even on a slide…

So who next??  What Disney character is a “must know”?!  But please, no more songs!


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