The C Word…

The C Word…

The one that comes with a large side of tinsel and a generous dusting of glitter!  Christmas isn’t far away – really, it isn’t, October starts at the weekend and then it’s a little hop through November before the main month of the year descends upon us!

At nearly 2 1/2, Little Bear is very aware that Christmas means presents, and we’ve been talking about making a list for Father Christmas.  I can’t wait to make decorations and decorate the house with him, especially as last year we didn’t do much because we were going away.  He’s going to love it!

The Father Christmas thing though, he’s not overly convinced!  He is adamant that reindeers can’t fly, so we’re working on Father Christmas having special magic which helps them…come on Little Bear, you’re two, ditch the logic!!

How do they fly?
“Never Never Eat Me Again”

“Never Never Eat Me Again”

These were the last words Little Bear uttered before he went to bed tonight.

Little Bear and Daddy were playing together after dinner, as usual, and Daddy pretended to eat his ear.  On normal days this would be met with giggles and laughter…not today.  Today, Little Bear became distraught! “No daddy, give my ear back” and other crazy statements were flung around, he even checked in mirror but still returned convinced that one was missing.

What Little Bear expected to see!

The final straw was when Daddy pretended to throw his ear off the balcony. This was met with, “I want to go out on my bike and get my ear”, if was just about understandable through the sobs!

But the worst part?  Not Little Bear getting so upset, but us, two grown adults trying our best (and failing) to conceal our own giggles!

Anyway, after returning all body parts and stealing some of Daddy’s, the evening routine resumed as normal – shower, teeth, stories, kisses, cuddles, bed!  And a stern warning to Daddy, “Never never eat me again!”

“It’s Not Fair!”

“It’s Not Fair!”

At not quite two and a half I wasn’t quite expecting teenage attitude to be thrown at me just yet!  And he’s even more than 6 months away from becoming the dreaded “threenager”!!

And yet, those three little words, “It’s not fair”, have been coming out of his angelic little mouth since I told him there was no more pre school until Thursday.

Yesterday I told him it was swimming day, and he actually responded with a grunt before proclaiming it wasn’t fair.  Today I told him it was closed and that was met with equal disdain.

I’m happy he liked it, I’m pleased he wants to go back…but no more attitude Little Bear! Remember you’re only 2! 

Back to Normal

Back to Normal

The second week of our holiday went far too quickly, and now we’ve been home for two days and it already seems too long ago!

But things must go back to normal, and luckily for us Little Bear has slipped straight back into normal life – if you ignore the stroppy “what?!?!” that he uttered when I told him we weren’t having dinner at a restaurant! We’ve spent the weekend catching up with family and friends, and now it’s Sunday evening, and tomorrow a new week begins.

Actually, tomorrow is the start of a brand new chapter for Little Bear.  It’s his first morning at “Big Boy Playgroup”, and although I will be staying with him at first it will be so different for him.

He is very excited, and doesn’t actually want me to stay.  It will be great for him to have some independence and make new friends, and I think he will eventually thrive, once he’s confident enough to talk to people!

I hope neither of us get first day nerves!  Wish us luck! 

But Why?

But Why?

Little Bear’s favourite phrase of the week has to have been “but why??”…he is questioning everything!

“But why is this pool shallow?”

“But why are there waves?”

“But why do we go to restaurants?”

“But why is the road black?”

“But why, why, why, why, why!!!!”

It’s a good thing he’s cute otherwise it would be wearing pretty thin by now!  And it’s worth it for the ever so sweetly spoken, “Oh I see” that he grants you when you give an acceptable answer.

“But why is it shallow?”
Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

We are now coming to the end of our fourth day in the sun and things are just as perfect as they were on the first day.

Little Bear has completely adapted to life out here, and is happily jumping and swimming independently. Today was his third pool day and the initial excitement is still there but he is increasingly happy to play with toys as well as explore the pool.

Last night we took him for a Chinese and he ate so much – prawn toast, garlic and Chilli squid, Duck pancakes, chow mein…I’m not sure how he didn’t pop!

We’ve only been to the beach once so far but will go back again tomorrow.  From the boy that didn’t want to go into the sea in Australia he is completely transformed!!

We have so long left but I’m already dreading the end! Happy Holidays to Us!

Holiday: Day 1

Holiday: Day 1

Today was our first full day in Spain and Little Bear was incredible.

The complex we are staying on has 5 pools, one of which only comes just past his knees and he confidently swims and jumps around in this.  Some people may think that holidays with a 2 year old can’t be relaxing but we have both found today to be just that.  Little Bear has played independently and with us as he discovered his new environment; I just think it’s down to the toys you bring with you as to how relaxed you are then able to be.

He seems to have slipped back into the pattern of napping, which works perfectly for us, and also allows us to keep him up a little later than usual.  Tonight we popped up to a local bar and had a couple of drinks whilst he enjoyed an ice cream and played with his dinosaurs.  He always makes me so proud when we go out, he is such a good boy and makes it easy to relax.

Tomorrow, we have promised him we will go to the beach, and who can refuse this face…