Holiday: Day 1

Holiday: Day 1

Today was our first full day in Spain and Little Bear was incredible.

The complex we are staying on has 5 pools, one of which only comes just past his knees and he confidently swims and jumps around in this.  Some people may think that holidays with a 2 year old can’t be relaxing but we have both found today to be just that.  Little Bear has played independently and with us as he discovered his new environment; I just think it’s down to the toys you bring with you as to how relaxed you are then able to be.

He seems to have slipped back into the pattern of napping, which works perfectly for us, and also allows us to keep him up a little later than usual.  Tonight we popped up to a local bar and had a couple of drinks whilst he enjoyed an ice cream and played with his dinosaurs.  He always makes me so proud when we go out, he is such a good boy and makes it easy to relax.

Tomorrow, we have promised him we will go to the beach, and who can refuse this face…


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