Back to Normal

Back to Normal

The second week of our holiday went far too quickly, and now we’ve been home for two days and it already seems too long ago!

But things must go back to normal, and luckily for us Little Bear has slipped straight back into normal life – if you ignore the stroppy “what?!?!” that he uttered when I told him we weren’t having dinner at a restaurant! We’ve spent the weekend catching up with family and friends, and now it’s Sunday evening, and tomorrow a new week begins.

Actually, tomorrow is the start of a brand new chapter for Little Bear.  It’s his first morning at “Big Boy Playgroup”, and although I will be staying with him at first it will be so different for him.

He is very excited, and doesn’t actually want me to stay.  It will be great for him to have some independence and make new friends, and I think he will eventually thrive, once he’s confident enough to talk to people!

I hope neither of us get first day nerves!  Wish us luck! 


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