“Never Never Eat Me Again”

“Never Never Eat Me Again”

These were the last words Little Bear uttered before he went to bed tonight.

Little Bear and Daddy were playing together after dinner, as usual, and Daddy pretended to eat his ear.  On normal days this would be met with giggles and laughter…not today.  Today, Little Bear became distraught! “No daddy, give my ear back” and other crazy statements were flung around, he even checked in mirror but still returned convinced that one was missing.

What Little Bear expected to see!

The final straw was when Daddy pretended to throw his ear off the balcony. This was met with, “I want to go out on my bike and get my ear”, if was just about understandable through the sobs!

But the worst part?  Not Little Bear getting so upset, but us, two grown adults trying our best (and failing) to conceal our own giggles!

Anyway, after returning all body parts and stealing some of Daddy’s, the evening routine resumed as normal – shower, teeth, stories, kisses, cuddles, bed!  And a stern warning to Daddy, “Never never eat me again!”


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