An Interesting Show

An Interesting Show

Yesterday I took Little Bear to see a Puppet and Magic Show.  I wasn’t convinced it would be all that great…so I wasn’t disappointed!

The “magician” started the show by talking, just talking, about puppets and how we can use our hands and other household junk to make them.  Now, most people know this, but in reality we can’t be arsed and buying one is just much easier (we love our Melissa and Doug animal ones)…and we don’t need to listen about how to make them for 20 minutes before actually seeing a puppet.  If he had lost my attention you can be guaranteed that 80% of the children were questioning why their parents were subjecting them to this.

From then on it did get better and Little Bear joined in with the shouting and cheering during the Punch and Judy show.  I had forgotten how violent that was though!  Baby got chucked down the stairs, Judy soon followed, and then everyone else got thumped on the head with a bat.  Although Joey the Clown did remind us that hitting isn’t the way to get friends, thanks for that Joe!

We finally reached the interval after nearly an hour.  I thought the whole thing would only be an hour, just shows what I know!  Little Bear was starting to get restless so had a run around and a dance on the mat with his friend before coming back to sit with me for the magic show.

This half was, thankfully, shorter, and I have to admit I’m not really sure what tricks he did.  I zoned out completely.  However, it was clearly captivating the children and Little Bear remained still and focused – perhaps the Mini Cheddars helped with that!

So Little Bear’s first show was not the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m not sure he knew quite what to make of it either.  But at least he watched it, and sat relatively still.

Our next theatre trip is to see Father Christmas Needs a Wee.  Now that is something I’m looking forward to!

Return of the Teenage Toddler

Return of the Teenage Toddler

Before having Little Bear I expected to have until his teenage years before I had to go hunting through his bedroom for clothes, apparently I only had to wait until two and a half.

For two days we’ve hunted high and low for a sweatshirt, and not found it anywhere!!  We’ve tracked back to when he last wore it and everything we did that day.  We had reached the conclusion the after taking it off Little Bear decided to put it in the wash, but somehow it ended up in the bin…not sure how this would have happened but it was our only solution.

And then I went hunting for something else in his wardrobe and there, stuffed at the bottom, behind a box, was the missing sweatshirt.  “Oh, I put it there mummy!”…of course you did!  

How long before he starts squirrelling away snacks for me to find festering under his bed?!  How long before he starts refusing to shower?!  How long before his cute little conversations turn into teenage grunts?!

Empty Threats

Empty Threats

As a parent I really try to avoid making empty threats.  They don’t teach Little Bear anything and can really destroy any authority you may have as a parent…although, let’s face it, when toddlers are involved they generally seem to hold all the authority.

But, sometimes, an empty threat just tumbles out!  I generally stick to my word if I’m limiting treats, making him tidy up, etc, but when I say we won’t be doing something, I generally don’t mean it!  Why would I keep him confined at home on an uncooperative and grumpy mood when going out makes life 10 times easier?!

This morning there was a lot of dithering over getting dressed, I could cope with this.  But then he wanted to play a game instead of putting his shoes on, and then play with cars.  I threatened with missing Rhyme Time at the library, something he really enjoys.  But he genuinely didn’t care…and it was an empty threat!  Double fail!

Five minutes later and I was despairing, were we really not going to Rhyme Time??  Then, thankfully, he realised the error of his ways and got ready like a perfect angel and we made it just in time…phew!

No more empty threats from me!

Little Kingdom Takeover

Little Kingdom Takeover

So considering we haven’t watched Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom since around August time, I was a little shocked when Little Bear proclaimed that he wanted to make King Thistle when I got the art box out.

I skirted around the issue letting him just make anything to start with but he became pretty insistent that he wanted King Thistle…

And then Ben and Holly…

And not forgetting Gaston…

And to top it all off, the bloody Little Castle…

I don’t mind arts and crafts, I’m not a mum that cowers away from glitter (though I completely understand why people do…they have their sanity in tack), and I think I can give most things a go, albeit with limited success, but this afternoon really is not one I need to repeat!  I’m just grateful I didn’t have to help him make all 6 Paw Patrol dogs…still, there’s always next time I suppose.

If anyone needs me I’ll be scrubbing glitter glue off every surface for the rest of the day 🙈



Little Bear loves sausages, we very rarely have them at home but tonight they’re on the menu.  Over breakfast I announced this to him expecting an excited response, “oh wow! Mummy you’re the best!” -that type of thing.  But, what I actually got was, “Don’t burn your fingers mummy!”

Once, once I was foolish enough to burn my thumb whilst cooking sausages.  It wasn’t my finest moment, the smoke alarm was going off, I had dropped tomatoes on the floor…the whole dinner making process was just chaotic!  And yes, I cried…it really hurt! And have you tried cooking a meal with your thumb stuck in a cup of cold water??  Not easy!

Obviously Little Bear watched this whole debacle unfold.  He then told nanny about it, his pre-school teacher, my friends, anyone who would listen…thank you darling!  

And it’s clearly stuck in his mind.  Am I forever to be tarnished with this burnt brush?  When will he forget?  Am I to be subjected to the sarcastic tones and withering looks of my toddler every time I cook sausages? 

Before having Little Bear I expected some smart back chat, some sarcasm, some reminding of my faults…but not at two and a half!

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Whilst I love summer – the sun, the warmth, the long evenings, I am also enjoying the arrival of Autumn this year.

Little Bear is enjoying seeing the leaves fall and crunching through them. He’s desperate for rain and puddles so we can go splashing in his new dinosaur wellies.  And he loves that he can now wear his new yellow coat!!

The other day we collected leaves and used them to make a picture.  Little Bear’s favourite part was squeezing the glue on and spreading it out, and then squashing the picture with a big book to help the leaves stick.

“Can I use more glue Mummy??”

The one downside of all these leaves is the leaf blowers that our council seem fond of this year.  On our way to pre-school this morning we got blasted by the debris leaving us both with watering eyes.  The man then stopped to let us pass, but when he started again the noise made Little Bear jump out of his skin!!  Mean mummy just laughed!

I feel like this Autumn we will be able to do all the fun activities I imagined we would and with Little Bear actually joining in and having fun rather than me doing it by myself!  Leaf crunching, puddle jumping, pumpkin carving, fireworks pictures, cosy afternoons under a blanket – bring it on!