“A Star Wants to Come in”

“A Star Wants to Come in”

Yesterday morning we went on a lovely Autumnal walk and although Little Bear got carried for some of it, he also did a lot of walking up and down hills and through the woods.  He loves being outdoors and having the freedom to run and explore!

We were out for nearly 2 hours and after lunch he was clearly tired and almost begged for a nap, the first one since holiday.  We put him down for a sleep, knowing that it would mean a happy afternoon but also a long evening as he would take ages to get to sleep.

Sure enough, at bedtime we could still hear him talking to himself and rolling around an hour and a half after we said goodnight.  We went to see him and check he was ok and we were met with, “Mummy, Daddy, a star wants to come in my window”.

Of course it does darling, I can see it knocking with one of it’s shiny points.

This then turned into needing a wee and a poo, talking to grandad on the phone, having a drink…every possible distraction from bed!!  Finally, after the poo, he said, “Daddy, that’s better, I can go to sleep now.”

And as Daddy walked out, the last words we heard from Little Bear were, “And now the moon wants to come in too”!

The boy’s crazy…undeniably cute, but also crazy!


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