Pre-School Wobbles

Pre-School Wobbles

The first couple of weeks of pre-school passed without much fuss and were met with a lot of excitement.

Monday morning was different.

Monday morning Little Bear declared that he didn’t want to go to “big boy playgroup” today, and that he was going to cry.  He looked sad the second we walked through the door but I kept smiling and kept him tear free as we read a book before registration.

Once his teachers came in though that was it.  The bottom lip quivered and the tears started to fall.  I left him cuddling one of the teachers, his favourite, and made my way home questioning why I was putting him through this.

But then, my background is childcare, I know how common it is and have always said I expect some tears from him.  And I knew he would have a great time once he remembered it’s fun!  So I pulled myself together and went about my morning without too many more thoughts of how he was getting on.

When I collected him the tears had been long forgotten!  He had been busy making “lots of noise” with the musical instruments, and playing and exploring happily apparently.

I told him he was a silly sausage for crying but, although he agreed, he told me he’ll do the same Thursday because “that’s just what we do mummy”!  As I said, he’s a silly sausage!


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