Little Bear loves sausages, we very rarely have them at home but tonight they’re on the menu.  Over breakfast I announced this to him expecting an excited response, “oh wow! Mummy you’re the best!” -that type of thing.  But, what I actually got was, “Don’t burn your fingers mummy!”

Once, once I was foolish enough to burn my thumb whilst cooking sausages.  It wasn’t my finest moment, the smoke alarm was going off, I had dropped tomatoes on the floor…the whole dinner making process was just chaotic!  And yes, I cried…it really hurt! And have you tried cooking a meal with your thumb stuck in a cup of cold water??  Not easy!

Obviously Little Bear watched this whole debacle unfold.  He then told nanny about it, his pre-school teacher, my friends, anyone who would listen…thank you darling!  

And it’s clearly stuck in his mind.  Am I forever to be tarnished with this burnt brush?  When will he forget?  Am I to be subjected to the sarcastic tones and withering looks of my toddler every time I cook sausages? 

Before having Little Bear I expected some smart back chat, some sarcasm, some reminding of my faults…but not at two and a half!


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