Empty Threats

Empty Threats

As a parent I really try to avoid making empty threats.  They don’t teach Little Bear anything and can really destroy any authority you may have as a parent…although, let’s face it, when toddlers are involved they generally seem to hold all the authority.

But, sometimes, an empty threat just tumbles out!  I generally stick to my word if I’m limiting treats, making him tidy up, etc, but when I say we won’t be doing something, I generally don’t mean it!  Why would I keep him confined at home on an uncooperative and grumpy mood when going out makes life 10 times easier?!

This morning there was a lot of dithering over getting dressed, I could cope with this.  But then he wanted to play a game instead of putting his shoes on, and then play with cars.  I threatened with missing Rhyme Time at the library, something he really enjoys.  But he genuinely didn’t care…and it was an empty threat!  Double fail!

Five minutes later and I was despairing, were we really not going to Rhyme Time??  Then, thankfully, he realised the error of his ways and got ready like a perfect angel and we made it just in time…phew!

No more empty threats from me!


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