Return of the Teenage Toddler

Return of the Teenage Toddler

Before having Little Bear I expected to have until his teenage years before I had to go hunting through his bedroom for clothes, apparently I only had to wait until two and a half.

For two days we’ve hunted high and low for a sweatshirt, and not found it anywhere!!  We’ve tracked back to when he last wore it and everything we did that day.  We had reached the conclusion the after taking it off Little Bear decided to put it in the wash, but somehow it ended up in the bin…not sure how this would have happened but it was our only solution.

And then I went hunting for something else in his wardrobe and there, stuffed at the bottom, behind a box, was the missing sweatshirt.  “Oh, I put it there mummy!”…of course you did!  

How long before he starts squirrelling away snacks for me to find festering under his bed?!  How long before he starts refusing to shower?!  How long before his cute little conversations turn into teenage grunts?!


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