An Interesting Show

An Interesting Show

Yesterday I took Little Bear to see a Puppet and Magic Show.  I wasn’t convinced it would be all that great…so I wasn’t disappointed!

The “magician” started the show by talking, just talking, about puppets and how we can use our hands and other household junk to make them.  Now, most people know this, but in reality we can’t be arsed and buying one is just much easier (we love our Melissa and Doug animal ones)…and we don’t need to listen about how to make them for 20 minutes before actually seeing a puppet.  If he had lost my attention you can be guaranteed that 80% of the children were questioning why their parents were subjecting them to this.

From then on it did get better and Little Bear joined in with the shouting and cheering during the Punch and Judy show.  I had forgotten how violent that was though!  Baby got chucked down the stairs, Judy soon followed, and then everyone else got thumped on the head with a bat.  Although Joey the Clown did remind us that hitting isn’t the way to get friends, thanks for that Joe!

We finally reached the interval after nearly an hour.  I thought the whole thing would only be an hour, just shows what I know!  Little Bear was starting to get restless so had a run around and a dance on the mat with his friend before coming back to sit with me for the magic show.

This half was, thankfully, shorter, and I have to admit I’m not really sure what tricks he did.  I zoned out completely.  However, it was clearly captivating the children and Little Bear remained still and focused – perhaps the Mini Cheddars helped with that!

So Little Bear’s first show was not the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m not sure he knew quite what to make of it either.  But at least he watched it, and sat relatively still.

Our next theatre trip is to see Father Christmas Needs a Wee.  Now that is something I’m looking forward to!


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