“Do I Look Like Bob?”

“Do I Look Like Bob?”

On Saturday Little Bear was in cute but crazy mode, and came out with some great comments.

The stand out one for me was when he compared himself to my mum’s dog, a West Highland Terrier.  We were in the car and Little Bear had his legs stretched out, he looked at his feet and said, “Do I look like Bob?”

As all loving parents do, we just laughed, wondering where on earth this was heading.  Little Bear then explained, “Because my feet are white like Bob’s are.”  Aah yes, white Converse high tops and white dog paws, I see the similarity now!  

Spot the Difference!

Good observation Little Bear!

“Give me my Money now!”

“Give me my Money now!”

When we were in Spain we saw a few street musicians, and some of these would then come to your table with a pot for money.  Personally, I don’t like being made to feel like I need to give money but Little Bear wanted to so I gave him a few Euros to put in.

And, foolishly, I thought that would be that.

But no…I now have a little busker following me around!  Guitar, drum, and vocal performances are becoming a regular occurance followed by, “Give me my money now!  Put it in my pot!”, accompanied by a sickly sweet smile!

For now he’s happy for me to pretend but how long before he realises actual money could be used?!  Best start stock piling some coppers!

Pre-School Wobbles

Pre-School Wobbles

The first couple of weeks of pre-school passed without much fuss and were met with a lot of excitement.

Monday morning was different.

Monday morning Little Bear declared that he didn’t want to go to “big boy playgroup” today, and that he was going to cry.  He looked sad the second we walked through the door but I kept smiling and kept him tear free as we read a book before registration.

Once his teachers came in though that was it.  The bottom lip quivered and the tears started to fall.  I left him cuddling one of the teachers, his favourite, and made my way home questioning why I was putting him through this.

But then, my background is childcare, I know how common it is and have always said I expect some tears from him.  And I knew he would have a great time once he remembered it’s fun!  So I pulled myself together and went about my morning without too many more thoughts of how he was getting on.

When I collected him the tears had been long forgotten!  He had been busy making “lots of noise” with the musical instruments, and playing and exploring happily apparently.

I told him he was a silly sausage for crying but, although he agreed, he told me he’ll do the same Thursday because “that’s just what we do mummy”!  As I said, he’s a silly sausage!

“A Star Wants to Come in”

“A Star Wants to Come in”

Yesterday morning we went on a lovely Autumnal walk and although Little Bear got carried for some of it, he also did a lot of walking up and down hills and through the woods.  He loves being outdoors and having the freedom to run and explore!

We were out for nearly 2 hours and after lunch he was clearly tired and almost begged for a nap, the first one since holiday.  We put him down for a sleep, knowing that it would mean a happy afternoon but also a long evening as he would take ages to get to sleep.

Sure enough, at bedtime we could still hear him talking to himself and rolling around an hour and a half after we said goodnight.  We went to see him and check he was ok and we were met with, “Mummy, Daddy, a star wants to come in my window”.

Of course it does darling, I can see it knocking with one of it’s shiny points.

This then turned into needing a wee and a poo, talking to grandad on the phone, having a drink…every possible distraction from bed!!  Finally, after the poo, he said, “Daddy, that’s better, I can go to sleep now.”

And as Daddy walked out, the last words we heard from Little Bear were, “And now the moon wants to come in too”!

The boy’s crazy…undeniably cute, but also crazy!