Halloween Horror

Halloween Horror

In case you missed it, yesterday was Halloween!  Little Bear had chosen a devil outfit to wear and in the days leading up to Halloween he was excited about wearing it.

And then yesterday arrived…”I don’t want to wear my outfit! I just want these normal clothes!”  Waaaah!  Anyway, after a certain amount of persuasion and bribery he got ready for his Halloween Party!

For us this was perfect! I’m not really into the whole trick or treat thing, knocking on strangers doors has just never appealed, but this way he still got to have all the fun of Halloween.  His friend (and her mummy) made a great effort – pumpkin satsumas, gooey Krispie cakes with snakes, ghost bananas! There was themed sticking and colouring, loads of decorations, and the time old classic, apple bobbing!

And for the mummies, well we got to sample Jamberry nail wraps.  They are so simple and look really good, just need to decide which ones to buy now!

I like this one but not sure I could pull it off across 10 nails, but maybe something with some sparkle for Christmas?

By the time daddy came home we were completely Halloweened out! Little Bear was exhausted and had an epic meltdown down when I dared to suggest he show daddy is mask – one chocolate too many I think!  

Halloween done for another year…next up, fireworks!


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