Achieving Hygge with a Todddler

Achieving Hygge with a Todddler

Hygge is the lifestyle craze that we’re adopting from our Danish friends, and it’s fast becoming a fashionable way to cosy up, gain winter pounds, and not feel guilty about it.  It’s so ingrained in Danish culture that the tourism website devotes a whole page to it.  Read it here if you fancy knowing more – What is Hygge?

But how can we achieve this blissful, snug, wintery heaven with a frantic 2 and a half year old in tow??  Well, firstly you need to wear them out!  Yesterday I opted for a combination of Rhyme Time, a walk round the shops, swimming lesson, lunch with nanny, and then a play date in the park before heading home in the dusky glow of an autumnal evening accompanied with everything we needed to make a cake.

Snug at home we turned the lights on and put some music on. We then baked cakes which kept him calm and entertained, and with the oven glowing it made everything even cosier.

Little Bear then snuggled on the sofa with a blanket whilst we read stories, before helping to prepare a hearty, warming chilli for dinner.

Look at those colours!

After dinner we had cake for pudding, obviously!  Then sat together to play games as darkness enveloped the outside world.

Ok, so it wasn’t candles and hot chocolate with a box set and my husband, but cakes, chilli, and board games pretty much encompassed Hygge for me!


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