Baby vs Toddler

Baby vs Toddler

Before having Little Bear I wasn’t the biggest baby fan, I expected to be happy once that phase was over, hand me a 2 year old and I’ll be happy!

And to honest, that’s mostly still true.  Babies do have perks I never factored in – they nap, are stationary, don’t ask a million questions – but overall, I’m rooting for toddlers in a world where most people would rather this phase was as short and sweet as possible!  Except, in some ways, my Little Bear is too grown up.

I love that I don’t have to change nappies anymore, but he can independently take himself to the bathroom, turn on the light, stand on his step, lift the seat, wee, flush, pull up pants, and wash and dry his hands…and he doesn’t even want me in the bathroom at home!

I love that he loves stories and books…but does he have to remember them so well that you can’t make a mistake, or, heaven forbid, skip a page?!

I love that he will eat pretty much anything and has a great appetite, but does he have to have such expensive taste?  Prawns, lamb, Marmite (yes Unilever, you’ve forced the inclusion of the brown stuff!)

But mostly, I love our conversations.  The way he makes me laugh with his funny sayings -“straight now”, “I just don’t believe it”, and a personal favourite, “I never heard such a thing”!  The way he creates stories and how we role play.  The way he questions, his inquisitive nature, his different voices…I love it all.  And yet…

And yet there is something to be said for the relative peace of a baby!

Just give me one more day of that cute little gurgling, the guinea pig hiccups, the squeaky sneezes!  One more day and I’ll be happy…or perhaps Little Bear could just get a really sore throat for a day or two, give me a break from all the wonderful language stuff!


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