Christmas Craft and Daylight Robbery

Christmas Craft and Daylight Robbery

It’s that time of year again where everyone has got a cold and is just feeling a bit grotty and snotty.  It just so happens it’s also the time of year where it’s perfectly acceptable to start feeling festive – I’m about 3 weeks in to that vibe but ssssh!

And so, with Little Bear’s nose dripping away I decided it was as good an afternoon as any to get some decorations decorated!  I picked up these wooden ones in Hobbycraft about a month ago now and I’m wishing I had got a few more.  They’re impossible to over paint/glue unlike the card ones you can get, and hopefully they’ll last a few Christmasses before all the glitter and sequins fall off.

Little Bear was adamant that he didn’t want to do this this afternoon but once he had started he loved it, and the fine layer of glitter than now covers everything is testament to that!!

He can’t decide who is having which one at the moment, perhaps we’ll end up with them all?!

Before the festivities of this afternoon we had gymnastics – a lot of running, jumping, swinging, and balancing, less of the artistic stuff!  Last week they had photographers in and so this week we got to see the photos.  Well, it looked like Little Bear had spent most of the last session following the camera around.  My plan was to get 1 or 2 printed out, but I couldn’t choose 2 out of nearly 20! So I ended up with 14 on a USB (all that would fit!) and one large printed picture.  All for a very handsome price!

I’m such a sucker when it comes to things like that!  And it was hot in there, we had a train to catch, online prices were even more expensive…And remember, “they’re only this young once”!

It was worth it though…


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